Dressing the sustainable future

Less Waste

InSchoolwear Founder & CEO, Kirstin Broatch, has been in the school uniform world for over 25 years. She has watched the space transform. But she realized that no one seemed to be addressing the growing need to make things more sustainable. With millions of products coming through the doors every year, all made from new materials and wrapped in plastic, she knew she could do more.

InSchoolwear has partnered with suppliers that share our vision, and together we have transformed plastic waste to create comfortable, durable, and sustainable ECO-Uniform pieces.

Child weighting with pencil

The Process

Our recycling process transforms post-consumer plastic bottles to
wearable and comfortable ECO-uniform pieces.
Diagram of bottles turning in cloths


InSchoolwear has turned almost 450,000 plastic bottles into uniform items.

drawing of different clothing with bottle amounts used for clothing production
children giving flowers to each other


InSchoolwear is proud to offer Canadas largest and only range of Eco-Uniforms for schoolwear and sportswear.

Our ECO-Uniform pieces are responsibly sourced and manufactured with sustanable materials. We want every garment we produce to make a positive impact on our planet, the people we work with, and the students who are wearing our products every single day.

After phasing out previous uniform items, all new product coming through the InSchoolwear doors in 2022 are part of our ECO-Uniform initiative.

With our new students dressed head-to-toe in ECO.

Meet Millie

As we shift towards a sustainable future here at InSchoolwear, we are
influencing the growing future we dress every day.

Keep an eye out for the
ECO-UNIFORM badge when shopping in-store and online.