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How Register Your First Account

To register an online account, you’ll need your school’s unique *ONLINE CODE.
The *ONLINE CODE can be found on your School Paper.

The “online CODE” is different from the “School CODE”.


  • Your email will be tied directly to the USER NAME you choose.
    (if you have more than one child, you could use their name as the LOG-IN NAME/USER NAME)
  • The USERNAME you decided on during the registration, is what you will use to log-in afterwords. (emails can’t be used for log-ins; we don’t allow emails for log-ins)
  • The password should be 8 or more characters. During the Password steps, you will be prompted if it’s too weak.


To watch a video on how to register, Click Here

Unsure of your school code? Send us an email by Clicking Here.



  • To register multiple accounts using the same email address; please log in to an existing account. This can only be done from within the “My-Account” area.
  • If you haven’t yet, you will need to complete your First Registration in order to access the My-Account area.
  • After you have at least one account; you can then register multiple account using the same email from with the “My-Account” area.
    Click Here to Add More Accounts/Schools/Children


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